Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…how I see myself isn’t helpful at all!

In addition to feeling down or blue, you may have a low opinion of yourself- are you quick to point out flaws in your mind and body? Do you think to yourself, “If I looked like that my life would be better” or “I’m terrible at everything” or even “why would I get that job, I have nothing to offer.”undefined You might feel like everyone is better at doing certain things or better looking than you are. Feelings of low self-image can happen by other’s comments or by our own thoughts of ourselves. This is normal. Yet, low self-image affects how we feel about ourselves and how we interact with others. People who have depression may be more likely to have a negative self-image.

Low self-image keeps us from enjoying life, doing the things we want to do, and working toward our own goals. You have the ability to change how you feel about yourself and how others see you.

Learning to love who you are and finding others who love you for you may help you feel your best- it all starts with taking good care of yourself!

1) Question yourself.

When you find yourself thinking something negative about yourself, ask why you are feeling that way. Is it actually true and would you feel this way another day? What might you be able to do to feel better about it?

2) Avoid comparing yourself to others.

Just because someone else has the “best job,” seems to be “supermom” or has a big house doesn’t mean you can’t be happy with what you have also. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses; stay focused on your own strengths!

3) Set goals that you can achieve.

Be realistic with what you can do and what limits you might have. Focus on goals that you know you can achieve to avoid getting upset with yourself.

4) Be honest with yourself and give yourself some credit.

So you are not the CEO at your work? That doesn’t mean that your skills aren’t needed to make the company succeed. Find something you like about yourself every day.

5) Take care of your body.

Eat healthy foods and avoid junk foods. Do physical activity- moving your body helps you feel better. Do personal care tasks that make you feel better – regular shower or bath, styling your hair, trimming your nails, brushing and flossing your teeth.

6) Have fun.

Plan fun activities for yourself and do things with friends that make use of your talents and gifts. Do you love to paint? Get some friends together and go painting.

7) Surround yourself with people who make you happy.

Don’t waste time with those who make you feel worse, spend more time with those who make you feel good about yourself.

8) Accept and love who you are and share this love with friends and family.

Let them know what you love about them and ask what they love about you.

9) Write down the things that you don’t like about yourself.

Every time you write down something negative, also write something positive about yourself or about a friend.

10) We all make mistakes.

There will be days where you don’t feel your best or when you don’t reach some goals. That’s ok! Accept your feelings but make sure you move on.


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